Our book is available in Spanish and English

Our book is designed to be read to children 3 years old and up, is available in Spanish and English. This is my Body and it belongs to me! ¡Este es mi cuerpo y Me pertenece a Mí! A sexual abuse prevention book to be read to children ages 3 and up and advice for parents Alisha Hawthorne-Martinez, LCSW La introducción a la prevención del abuso sexual infantil a leer a niños de 3 años de edad o m más… y consejo… Alisha Hawthorne-Martinez, LCSW

What Parents Should Know!

According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse. Very often the TV, radio and newspaper cover stories about children who are abused, abducted and even murdered, usually by strangers, but it is important to know that these are not typical sex crimes. Sexual abusers are more likely to be people we know, and could well be people we care about; after all, more than 8 out of 10 children who are sexually abused know their abuser. They are family members, friends, neighbors or babysitters … Continue reading “What Parents Should Know!”

More Tips for Parents

Safe touch and unsafe touch can be a difficult topic for adults to speak about with their kids. Introducing this concept at a young age helps children to develop protective capacities at an early age. The idea of “good touch/bad touch” may be confusing to children as all touch may be meant to feel good. Safe touch and unsafe touch are terms that are easier for children to grasp. Develop a code word or phrase with your child so they can communicate with you privately if they are feeling unsafe. This code word or phrase can be anything your child chooses and can remember. If your child tells you the … Continue reading “More Tips for Parents”

5 Steps to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

5 Steps to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Teach children about body safety and privacy at an early age. While stranger danger is an important safety topic, it is also essential to talk about body safety regarding people you may know and trust. Let your child know that no one has the right to see or touch their private areas, nor do they have the right to see or touch anyone else’s private parts.  Talk to children about internet safety, and assist them in the development of any online profile names or bio’s. Monitor their internet usage. When checking in on … Continue reading “5 Steps to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse”