“Books and Materials”

For Parents of 3 years-old and up

“This is My Body and It Belongs To Me” is written by our CEO, Alisha Hawthorne-Martinez LCSW, for parents, guardians and caregivers of young children. This simple-to-understand book is to be read to children as young as 3 years old. It is intended to be used as a teaching tool to assist caregivers in opening a dialogue with their children about safe touch and unsafe touch, a difficult and uncomfortable topic for many. The book teaches children the names of their girl or boy specific body parts and gives them the awareness and confidence they need to protect themselves from abusers, and communicate with a safe adult anytime they feel uncomfortable, combating the long- standing problem of under-reporting by victims. We know that many victims do not disclose to their parents or guardians that they have been abused due to many different fears. This book combats the isolation many victims feel, by empowering them to come forward and seek help. The book also provides parents and guardians with appropriate responses to disclosures or questions children may ask that they may not be comfortable answering. The author, Mrs. Hawthorne-Martinez is available to meet and facilitate any parent or staff training regarding the implementation of the book. Together we can end child sexual abuse.

Please go to Donation Page to purchase. We will send you a book with each donation of $12 or more.   To Purchase books directly and for large quantity discounts or free books for non-profits working with low income families contact us at info@preventcsa.org

For Teens

Neesha Arter illustrates the jarring reality of recovery from an eating disorder, which was precipitated by being raped at 14, an event initially denied by her conservative family. Neesha’s story identifies the cause of anorexia, and presents it as the central focus. CONTROLLED shows us the disheartening attempts made to persuade an otherwise normal teenage girl that she was not raped, and the subsequent demand by her parents to involve her in a legal case against her will. Go to Amazon.com to purchase.